2 Semester System and Spring & Summer Intensive Courses

You can be ahead of your rivals with our spring & summer intensive courses

Advantages of 2 semester system and spring & summer intensive courses

Spring and summer holidays offer great opportunities for intensive work. We therefore offer “Spring & Summer Intensive Courses” which provide the chance to tackle the kind of work which would otherwise be difficult to fit in during normal lessons. There are many exciting projects, such as production tasks by teams drawn from different course and year groups, and design projects based on a brief from actual businesses! These will be sure to raise the students’ skills over a short time period. We also adopt a “two semester system”, meaning we cover one subject in one semester then check students’ progress.

Advantages of 2 semester system and spring & summer intensive courses

  • We can check students’ progress every term
  • Improve specific skills over a short time period
  • Strengthen a student’s weaker subjects over a short time period

Our unique learning method to enhance strengths and improve the weaker subjects

ECCcomp.'s Learning Method'

Acquiring the necessary knowledge over a short time period

Game・Creative field
To acquire practical knowledge of production in groups
IT field
To deepen the understanding of IT and information processing

Strengthening the topics that cannot be covered by usual lessons with intensive courses

Game Jam

Game・ Creative

“Game Jam” – an opportunity to team up with students you would not have otherwise worked with

Game Jam is a practical lesson where students from different courses and year groups make up a team, and engage in an 8 day game creation challenge. Conditions such as team working and the limited timeframe would give students an experience that is very close to real life, giving them true industry-ready skills.



You can get on with your work between and after classes

At IT College students will have a lot of coursework involving C programming language, VB, Java and MS Office. With your own laptop, you can finish off the work you couldn’t complete during the lessons.

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