Free Laptop Scheme

With your own laptop, you can work anywhere


Not having your own PC may mean that you need to wait until your next lesson even if you are eager to try out what you have just learnt today, resulting in slower progress in developing your skills. Therefore ECC Computer provides every student with a high spec laptop computer for free. This enables them to work on their own whenever they want, wherever they want. Another benefit of this is that they don’t need to save their work to an external device during lessons. The laptops are pre-installed with software such as Word and Excel.

My Laptop scheme’s benefit

  • Provided for free to all students
  • Students can use it for self-learning anywhere, anytime
  • Can be used as a notebook and to save data during lessons

My Laptop Scheme – Laptop Specifications

HP ZBook 15

HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation

(Game・Creative College)

【CPU】Corei7 【Memory】8GB

【Video Card】NVIDIA Quadro M1000M

【Monitor】15.6 HD



【Wireless Protocol】802.11a/b/g/n



HP ProBook 450 G1/CT

HP ProBook

(IT College)

【CPU】Corei5 【Memory】8GB

【Video Card】None

【Monitor】15.6 HD


【Drive】Super Multi

【Wireless Protocol】802.11a/b/g/n



Securing time for creative work

Game・Creative College


Making it possible to work in teams in the Rest Room or other free classrooms

The ‘My Laptop’ scheme ensures smooth team work, enabling students to work together whenever they want to, even after lessons in the Rest Room or other available classrooms. It also makes work possible even outside college, speeding up creative work for both teams and individuals.

IT College


You can get on with your work between and after classes

At IT College, there are many tasks involving C Language, VB, Java and MS Office. The ‘My Laptop’ scheme will enable students to finish off their work at home if they run out of time in the classroom.

Your own laptop will offer flexible work hours for the creative work that is essential to your future career in the game and design industries. In the IT field, it also helps to increase the available working hours for app development and for completing assigned tasks.

Offering the ideal environment for students to work flexibly


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