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Experience the wider world to the full, and make it your own

an environment to master English

Game Creative, IT and Design – these industries are rapidly becoming global, so being able to communicate in English is an essential skill. What is required is English as a communication tool. It is imperative that one can communicate in game production, IT development and design, not only at a national level but on a global scale. ECC Computer strives to offer an environment to master English (as a common language) which is indispensable for enabling communication in each field.

Our English Education

  • English is used on a daily basis, meaning your skill improves naturally!
  • Even beginners can have fun in lessons tailored to individual levels!
  • You can nurture a global mindset through experiencing different culture in our overseas programme!

Develop your global mindset with ECCcomp’s international environment


EGP (ECC Gaming Plaza) - Optional

EGP(ECC Gaming Plaza)

Talk about games with native English speakers and learn the language while having fun

EGP was set up in response to students who knew the importance of learning English but did not particularly enjoy doing so. Its concept is to have fun while learning real English. Two teachers from Australia are there to help you improve your English while talking to them about games from Japan and abroad.

  • Who can participate?
    Students from any college can attend
  • Who teaches there?
    Two teachers, Eddie and Wii, from Australia
  • When is it open?
    Monday to Friday, from 12:00-13:30

Watch EGP on Video


EIP(ECC International Plaza) - Optional

EIP(ECC International Plaza)

It makes you feel like you are overseas while you are in Japan – making you enjoy English naturally

You can join conversation with our native English teachers on weekdays 17:00-18:00. You can make mistakes, but the most important thing when learning English is ‘No Japanese! No Silence!’. You will find yourself developing real English conversation skills as you learn to speak naturally without hesitation.


EJP(ECC Japan Plaza) - Optional

EJP(ECC Japan Plaza)

Absorb different cultures through interactions with overseas students

This space offers opportunities for Japanese and overseas students to mix and learn about each other through introducing elements of Japanese culture such as origami, ikebana and tea ceremony.

You can learn to speak English naturally while having fun playing games with everyone

Mr Eddie

Eddie – Teacher of Game Programming and English Conversation


Weekly English Conversation Lesson

Weekly English Conversation Lesson

You can have fun and master English in ability based classes

A weekly English conversation class is offered on every course. Beginners do not need to worry as students are grouped according to their level of English. All the teachers are bilingual and you can master English as a communication tool while having fun.


Cebu Island Language Programme - Optional

Cebu Island Language Programme

Your English will improve dramatically after using English every day

Two of the biggest reasons why Japanese people are not good at speaking English are: the opportunities are scarce and the fear of making mistakes. On the Cebu Island Language Programme, you will get 5 one on one English speaking lessons a day, enabling you to ask questions without hesitation.

  • Study Location: Cebu Island(TARGET Global English Academy, ESL Centre affiliated with Cebu Doctors’ University)
  • Date: August-September
  • Costs: 270,000 Japanese Yen
  • Accommodation: Home Stay

※Programme content and location are subject to change depending on social conditions

It became more natural to speak in English and my TOEICⓇ score improved massively!

Ms Hakozaki

Job offer at Kanden System Solutions

After starting at ECC Comp, my English definitely improved through the weekly English conversation lessons and talking with native speakers at EIP. However, I wanted to go even further and decided to participate in a language programme overseas. During my time there I enjoyed listening and reading classes for TOEICⓇ, as well as speaking. I also made an effort to talk to teachers outside classes, which enabled me to talk in longer sentences, leading me to achieve a high score of 765 points in TOEICⓇ, and I also passed the Eiken Grade 2 exam. In the future, I want to use my English and become a leading network engineer.

Ms Hakozaki, IT Development and Research Course, Network Engineering (3 Year Course)
From Ikoma High School, Nara


Australia Language Programme - Optional

Australia Language Programme

Develop a global mindset as well as improving your English – an overseas programme that gives you a once in a life time opportunity

You can improve your English communication skill dramatically by immersing yourself in an English speaking environment. You can also gain a global mindset by experiencing different cultures through interactions with your host family and students from other countries.

  • Study Location: Language school in Brisbane, Australia
  • Duration: 3-4 weeks
  • Costs: 370,000 – 420,000 Japanese Yen
  • Accommodation: Home Stay

※Programme content and location are subject to change depending on social conditions


E3 Tour - Optional

You can visit the World’s biggest game show that showcases the latest games!

If you want to work in the game creation industry, you need to know about the latest games! In LA you can check out games from various countries at the World’s biggest game expo, “E3”. This also gives you the chance to talk to the World’s top game creators.

E3 Tour
E3 Tour
E3 Tour
E3 Tour
E3 Tour
E3 Tour
E3 Tour
  • Who is it for/ Open to anyone interested
  • Location /LA, America
  • Date/June(7 days)
  • Costs/Approx. 230,000 Japanese Yen(excluding air fare)
  • Accommodation/Ramada lnn (hotel) or an equivalent
  • Itinerary/
  1. ①E3・Game convention(3 days)
  2. ②E3 Special Educational Content
  3. ③ Film Studio Backstage Tour
  4. ④ Various optional tours(Disneyland、Universal Studios etc.)

※Programme contents and location are subject to change depending on social conditions

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