Small Class Sizes Based on Ability

Small class sizes and lessons based on ability will ensure the growth of every student

Small class sizes and lessons based on ability will ensure the growth of every student

Programming skills are essential to the game and IT industries. However, this skill level really depends on the individuals. While many students started to learn programming at high school in recent years, it is also true that many still come to the college without any experience in programming. For this reason, at ECCcomp., programming is placed as a core subject and we run small classes of 15-20 students max. according to their ability, giving opportunity for improvement whatever level they are at. Small class sizes also mean a closer bond between instructors and students, making it easier for students to ask questions.

Advantages of small sized classes based on ability

  • Suitable class and speed for students of every level
  • Small class means easier to ask questions
  • Students can stimulate and learn from each other
  • Closer bond with your teachers

CORE Subjects – the very basics of programming!

ECC Computer sets 4 programming languages as core subjects: C programming language, Java, C++, and Visual Basic. These are the very basics of programming, and having a secure knowledge in these will ensure successful application in IT and gaming. This is why we make sure that we create an environment where every student can master these core subjects in small classes at their level.

Essential in IT and game fields - CORE Subjects

C Programming Language
This is a programming language which is essential for anybody who wants to be a programmer in game or IT industries.
This is a derivative of C language. Again, this is essential for anybody who wants a career as a programmer.
Often used in mobile and smart phone apps, this is a programming language indispensable for a job in the IT industry.
Visual Basic
This is a programming language widely used for windows based system development.

Continually improve your skills with lessons suited to individuals

Securing the basic programming knowledge in the first year will ensure a smooth transition to the application learning stage from the 2nd year onwards.

If your foundation is solid, you can absorb application skills easily

Accessible teachers and individually tailored lessons at an appropriate speed

  • Game Creative
  • IT

Classes according to one’s ability

Each class has different lessons at different speeds depending on the students level of programming ability, satisfying the needs of the experienced, and preventing the inexperienced from lagging behind. This will ensure everyone will improve their skill regardless of their level.

It feels right as you can learn at your ability level
  • Game Creative
  • IT

Small classes offering an almost one-on-one environment

Small classes of up to 15-20 students mean that they can ask questions without hesitation. Conversely, this almost one-on-one environment makes it easier for teachers to spot anybody who may be struggling.

Questions asked and answered on the spot

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