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Personal Development


Community service programme

Interacting with people from different backgrounds while improving technical skills – helping develop attributes that can be useful in society

ECC’s 3 colleges have an education programme in community services, which aims for students to provide solutions to local problems using their own specialisms. For example, ECC Computer students helped a crime prevention campaign by designing posters, movies and a website. In another instance, Computer students taught local people how to design New Year cards using computers. ECC International College of Foreign Studies and the College of Beauty and Style also have similar programmes, each utilising their own specialisms. This programme helps to enhance student’s personal character by equipping them with problem solving skills, team working ability, a sense of social responsibility, communication skills and self-esteem.

crime awareness poster

This crime awareness poster was designed by Web Design students of ECC Computer College. It is displayed in Kita-ku, Osaka.

lesson of creating New Year cards by computers

Information Business students from ECC Computer College taught local people how to create New Year cards by computers.

planned a tour to revitalise the local area

Students from ECC International College of Foreign Languages planned a tour to revitalise the local area.

Make-up service

Make-up service to local ladies from students at ECC College of Beauty & Style.

Personal Development


Comprehensive and lifelong education by ECC Group institutions

The “Comprehensive Education・Lifelong Education Institute ECC” that runs the nationwide networks of ECC Foreign Language Institute , ECC Junior, and ECC Institute for University Transfer is an affiliate of Education Corporation, Yamaguchi Gakuen. Prospective students who have studied at one of our group institutions for more than one year can benefit from a reduction in course fees in the first year.

Comprehensive Education・Lifelong Education Institute ECC”

  • Languages・English Conversation/ECC Foreign Language Institute, ECC Web School, ECC Global Communication, ECC Branch School
  • Language Lessons for Children/ ECC Kids English World, ECC Kids Global, ECC Web School, ECC Junior
  • Vocational/ ECC Airline Institute, ECC Business School, ECC Institute for Training of English Teachers for Children
  • Study Abroad・Home Stay/ ECC Overseas Study Centre
  • For University Entrance Exams/ ECC Prep School, ECC Studia, ECC Institute for University Transfer, ECC High School, ECC BestOne (one-on one tutoring)
  • Computer/ ECC Personal Computer School
  • Teaching Agency/ ECC Corporate Business Division, ECC Children’s Education Services
  • Recruitment Agency/ ECC Best Career
  • Mail Order Business and Other/ ECC Mail Order Retailing Centre, ECC Pet Clinic

Personal Development


Joint campus life from three colleges

Joint campus life from three colleges

Joint events with all three colleges make your campus life three times more fun

The Global Fair (College fair) is the biggest combined event from the three ECC colleges, which boasts more than 100 stalls on the day. Students from all three colleges have fun together, regardless of their specialisation.

Counselling Room and Healthcare Room

Dedicated support for students wellbeing – Counselling Room and Healthcare Room

As well as offering infinite possibilities, being a student often comes with a lot of stress and problems. Equipped with facilities such as a counselling room and a healthcare room, ECC Colleges offer support for both the physical and mental wellbeing of students, to ensure that everyone is able to experience an enjoyable and stress-free student life.

Pop Music Band
Society Club
Society Club
Society Club
Baseball Club
Volleyball Club

Enjoy your student life with fulfilling club activities

We have many clubs and societies to cater for every student. You can join any club from any of the three ECC colleges. A group that serves the community through cleaning and visiting local facilities is also looking for new members.

Club Activities
  • Game Production Club (Iga Bu)
  • Tennis Club
  • Futsal Club
  • Baseball Club
  • Dance Club
  • Pop Music Band
  • Basketball Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Soft Baseball Club
  • Network Research Society
  • Character Creation Society
  • 3DCG Movie Research Society
  • Smartphone Development Club
  • Student Union

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