Links with Businesses

We have good links with businesses
That’s how we can offer opportunities for you to pick up the real skills as used in industry

In each year we cooperate with over 210 companies

Our reputation as a successful institution that develops immediately employable talent has earned us strong links with businesses, and many companies are available to help us and keen to be potential employers. Students can benefit from this in various ways, including lessons by industry professionals and having good access to up to date information about the industry.

Learning directly from industry professionals makes you industry-ready!


ECCcomp. × Systena

ECCcomp. × Systena

Over 4 days we learnt system development using the latest robot, Pepper, as a learning topic

The 3rd year students from the IT Development Expert Couse participated in an internship programme with a leading IT firm, Systena. Teams of five were challenged to develop a system using Pepper the robot. Their ideas included serving at a cinema box office and selling transport tickets, which proved to put Pepper’s capability to good use. We are confident that this experience of tackling real business tasks from concept stage through to target setting, has given them a precious insight for their futures.


ECCcomp. × Capcom

ECCcomp. × Capcom

An opportunity to learn how to prepare for the real world of work in the game industry, through exchanging in conversation with Capcom professionals

Four creators with different expertise from the biggest name in the industry, Capcom, visited the college to talk to students. The design professional gave valuable advice on the work produced by students, while the planning professional revealed many behind the scenes secrets about product development. The programming expert gave advice on what students will need to be prepared to do at work. It was a beneficial time for our students.


Special lessons by professional creators

Mock interview & portfolio assessment

Game・ Creative College

Mock interview & portfolio assessment

Digital Frontier Inc.
We were visited by Mr Tajiri of Digital Frontier Inc., one of the big names in CG motion picture production. Students were given advice on how to prepare for interviews and on their production work.
Assessment on production work

Game・Creative College

Assessment on production work

Sega Games Co., Ltd.
We are privileged enough to have received several visits by Sega Games director, Mr. Kinosaki, who has been involved in developing many popular game titles. He helps Game Planning students by giving feedback on work they have produced.
Window Azure Hands on Training

IT College

Window Azure Hands on Training

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Ms Tokura from Microsoft Japan gave a lesson on their cloud computing platform “Microsoft Azure”, giving students the tasks of creating a blog and using Word Press.
A lecture that gives an insight into real work in the IT industry

IT College

A lecture that gives an insight into real work in the IT industry

Systena Corporation
Mr. Kokubu from the leading IT company, Systena Corporation, visited the college to give students a precious insight into the IT industry. His lecture included how the industry works and how new systems get developed.


Presentation of game & CG creations to businesses in Tokyo

Presentation of game & CG creations to businesses in Tokyo

Increase your confidence with the opportunity to present to industry professionals. You naturally start to enjoy conversation in English

As the number of students who get a job in game or CG companies in Tokyo increases, we decided to hold presentation days in Tokyo to showcase our students’ creations. Over those two days, more than 140 visitors from 60 companies sat for students’ presentations and gave many of the students potential job opportunities, boosting their confidence and motivation.

【Participated Companies】

Gree, Inc./DeNA Co., Ltd./BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc./Capcom Co., Ltd./Square Enix Co., Ltd./Sega Games Co., Ltd./ZeniMax Asia K.K. Tango Gameworks/Silicon Studio Corp./Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd./FromSoftware, Inc./KLab Inc/Dimps Corporation/CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd./Game Freak Inc. and many more


First semester work presentation day

First semester work presentation day

Identifying area of improvement via work assessment by professional designers

Students from the Game Creative College and the Design College participated in “ECC Creative Work Presentation Day 2016”. In the morning, students commented on each other’s work, and in the afternoon they were evaluated by many professionals, including our graduates from game, CG, animation and design industries. It was an inspirational day for the students, communicating the content of their work to professionals and receiving valuable feedback from them.

【Participated Companies】

SNK Corporation/Capcom Co., Ltd./Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd./ Labo/BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc./K2 Co., Ltd./Aiming Inc./Dimps Corporation/Square Enix Co., Ltd./CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd./Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd./Game Freak Inc./Cygames, Inc./Sega Games Co., Ltd./DeNA Games Osaka/Digital Frontier Inc./Digital Media Lab., Inc./GoHands/Creators in Pack Inc./Kosaido Co., Ltd./Houjyo Design Office INK/Infinity Style Inc./Tagaya Group/AXELENTERMEDIA, Inc. and many more


Comprehensive Game Production Training

Three lessons by industry professionals have contributed to a huge improvement in students’ work

Setting the goal to win the Japan Game Awards, Game Planning, CG and Programming students from the Game Development Expert Course engage in team production work. In this lesson, the students have the opportunity, once a month, to report their progress to industry creators who give them constructive feedback. In the first term of 2016, they had three such opportunities.

The 1st Progress Report Day

The 1st Progress Report Day

Creators from Dimps and K2, whose work include many popular titles, attended and gave advice on how to come up with good concepts and ways to interest the audience.

The 2nd Progress Report Day

The 2nd Progress Report Day

Creators from Dimps who attended the first event were joined by those from Cygames, the company continuously launching the most talked-about games. They gave students tips on how they should develop games from the players’ points of view. They also taught them what to expect when they become professional creators.

The 3rd Progress Report Day

The 3rd Progress Report Day

Creators from 4 companies, logicalbeat, S・P・A, HexaDrive and SmileBoom visited our students this time. The professionals gave advice on the use of words as well as the graphics within games, which was an eye opener for the students.


Careers fair on campus & industry seminars

Visitors include many big companies – providing opportunities to discover what potential employers are looking for!

Recruitment professionals from many industry leaders visit our college to tell the students in detail about their companies, what kind of work they do, what kind of talents they are looking for, and the latest industry trends. Some talented students may get scouted on these occasions.

  • FromSoftware, Inc.

    FromSoftware, Inc.

  • CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd.

    CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd.

  • Aiming Inc.

    Aiming Inc.

  • Dimps Corporation

    Dimps Corporation

  • Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.

    Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.

  • Systena Corporation

    Systena Corporation

  • Sakura Internet Inc.

    Sakura Internet Inc.

  • Yamato System Development Co., Ltd.

    Yamato System Development Co., Ltd.

  • Toppan Forms Operation Co., Ltd.

    Toppan Forms Operation Co., Ltd.

  • SCSK ServiceWare Corporation

    SCSK ServiceWare Corporation

  • Infinity Style Inc.

    Infinity Style Inc.

  • Sugita Pridea Co., Ltd.

    Sugita Pridea Co., Ltd.

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