Our Courses

Without doubt, our environment here will lead you into a profession So, the future is bright The world of computing awaits you

All our courses are designed to ensure students’ progress in professional fields through offering small class sizes and ability based classes for tougher subjects. Furthermore, we actively take part in external competitions and engage in college to business cooperation and internship programmes, with a view to fostering ‘real professional skills’ which can be used in future on the frontline of the industry.

Game Creative College

4 Year Courses

Game Development Expert Course

This is the highest level course at Game Creative College. You can study programming, CG and planning to a comprehensive level, and acquire the expert skills required for work at large companies in the industry.

3 Year Courses

Game Programme Development Course

The course covers all the game programming basics. We aim to nurture versatile game programmers who can handle various styles and platforms such as 2D, online games, mobile games and 3G.

CG Design Course

We offer a more intensive 3 years here than 4 years at art universities. In this course students learn 2D design (drawing and character design) as well as 3DCG modelling and animation skills.

Game Planning Development Course

You can develop your creativity in this course by concentrating on game planning. We also make sure that students acquire programme management and communication skills through working in teams.

IT College

4 Year Courses

IT Development Expert Course

Our systems engineer training covers a wide spectrum, including more than 10 programming languages, system development, server management, information security management and database design management.

3 Year Courses

IT Development and Research Course

We give dedicated support so that students can obtain national vocational qualifications and IT industry certifications which will demonstrate their excellent skills and abilities.

2 Year Courses

Systems Engineering Course

This is an intensive course where students can learn the basics of systems engineering including programming languages, system development and database development, making them employable after just a short period of time.

IT Business Support Course

We support students in acquiring the business skills and qualifications that will become strong selling points during future job hunting. This course aims at nurturing the talents of students who can serve as support engineers, customer service or helpdesk staff after just a short period of time.