Values & Mission

Educational Philosophy of Yamaguchi Gakuen

Our mission is to train the highly skilled professionals required by society, through offering practical, specialist education. At the same time, we strive to develop members of society who are rich in heart and constantly striving for a prosperous, peaceful and happy society.

Our Goal

Our goal, in accordance with Japanese Education Law, is to develop individuals who are sought after by both by businesses and society. We achieve this by equipping our students with highly specialised skills, flexible thought processes, and enriched personalities through our education in the area of information processing, and by nurturing their imagination, leadership and problem solving abilities. In this way, we hope to contribute to the promotion of the global information network and the development of the information society.

Principal Shinya Usami

We aspire to be No.1 in Japan for the quality of education

We will empower students in three areas: specialist technical ability, a global mindset and personal development.
ECC Computer’s mission is to lead every single student to a job in the computer industry, regardless of their ability. To achieve this goal, we work with professionals and businesses in game, IT and design industries, and provide practical experiences such as internship programmes and production practices. Through this, we aim to nurture ‘specialist abilities’ in our students, equipping them with problem solving skills, an open mind, sensitivity to the latest trends as well as the latest industry skills. Our commitment to the importance of practical learning has been well received and our courses have been awarded the status of ‘Professional Post-Secondary Course’ by the Ministry of Education and Culture, exceeding the tough criteria set by the government.
We also aim to nurture ‘a global mindset’ through various programmes such as overseas visits and study, a buddy system and the ECC Gaming Plaza (EGP). These programmes are designed to provide opportunities to communicate with people from other parts of the world. All our courses include English lessons.
‘Personal development’ is another area we put an emphasis on. By this, we mean the ability to work as a team within an organisation, communication techniques, and an aspiration to continuously absorb the latest skills.
We hope that students will be empowered in these three areas at our school and become a work force that will thrive for years to come, across broad range of industries in this rapidly changing society.


Shinya Usami

Educational Goals - Specific Courses

Game・ Creative College

The goal of this course is to nurture creators who combine the right skillset with an element of entertainment, in-line with the needs of employers in the game and CG industries. Our other ambition is to achieve a 100% success rate in leading students to careers in the industry, by providing everyone with opportunities to have their work assessed by relevant businesses, and also by raising their profile through winning public competitions.

IT College

This course is for training information processing experts for the IT industry who are, as well as being team players, ready to use their broad knowledge in systems and network development, as soon as they start work. Furthermore, we aim for students to achieve various accreditations and certifications recognised by the industry.

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