Our Facilities

Highest level learning environment for the most efficient learning

We are equipped with the latest hardware for each and every student. This enables us to provide the same environment as a professional creator would work in, and students can acquire knowledge and skills they can immediately put into practice when they are employed in the future.


As good as a game company! We have a special game production floor: “Game Lab”

The 4th floor of our Building 1 houses “Game Lab”, which boasts a production environment that matches even that of large game company. It includes a CG production room with many high spec machines, a programming training room, as well as a meeting room. Here students can immerse themselves into production work as if they are real professional creators.


Systems development room & Network development room “Cyber Room”

Our systems development room is equipped with high spec PCs and the network development room has a high end router, the same kind as used by professionals at work. Students can make the most of these advanced facilities and focus on their development work.


Changing space and powder room for female students “Powder Room”

The school has a changing room for female students on top of a light and clean ‘make-up space’. They can use them as required, from changing into smart clothing for job interviews, to dressing up in a Halloween costume!


Macintosh Training Room

We have 36 iMac machines to provide the same working environment as professional creators. The machines are installed with the latest software as used by front line experts, which enables our students to produce high level CG work.


Web Training Room

We have introduced a cool training room that has the feel of a trendy co-working space. It features whiteboard walls and student can work in a space just like those seen in real design offices.


Game Development Training Room

The room is equipped with high spec PCs capable of handling the development of high quality 3D game programs. This improves work productivity, reducing the stress of production work.


Core Programming Room

This is a special classroom designed for “CORE subject ability based lessons”, which are held in small numbers (max. 15-20 students), helping to remove the barriers between students and teachers, thereby ensuring that students improve their skills.


Introducing our High Speed Render Farm that makes movie editing at a professional level possible!
New CG Training Room (small sized class)

We have created an environment to produce CG work at a professional level by installing high spec PCs. In addition, we have introduced three high speed render farms, making it possible for students to edit their graphic work without stress.


3D CG Training Room

All the machines here have had 3D CG software installed, and many students can be seen working here as the room remains open after lessons.


Multimedia Workshop

This creative space features all the latest software, providing students a place to produce sophisticated works including movie editing, 2D and 3D CG, and PC games.


Open Training Room

This room, with various hard and software, is situated on the top floor and commands a great view. Many students take advantage of this room as it is open daily until 20:00.


Game Gallery

Students can learn English while having fun playing games with our Australian game teacher. There are also more than 100 games that have been produced by our graduates on display here.


Drawing Room

In this room, students are challenged to improve their observation skills and concentration by looking at the shape and colour of objects from various angles, leading them to develop and evolve the ability to translate their original ideas into character design.


Filming Studio

This room is mainly used for curriculums involving CG and design. Our equipment enables students to combine CG images with real life filmed images.


Rest Room

This is a popular space where students can relax and chat during lunch and tea time.

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