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Nothing compares to our passion for students

There are countless schools in the world. Every school has a different curriculum and unique learning environment. What is the best school for students? What kind of school can make a student proud to be there? ECC Computer has been continually searching for answers to questions such as these and has reflected them in our learning system.
It could be a small class where students and teachers can form closer bonds. Or it could be teachers who will always be there to develop students’ inquisitive minds. It could be practical lessons where students can interact with industry professionals. It could be a learning system which sparks students’ desire to learn.
We have constantly been putting these ideas into practice to build an ever better school for students, so that they can look back and be sure that they were right to choose this school, and that they can shine in the computer industry.
We will be redoubling our effort to support our students with ever stronger care for them. We are a specialist college in the town of Osaka in Japan, a country which is a part of the planet called Earth, which is a part of the bigger universe? Why don’t you come and study with us to make your dreams come true?
Everything we do is for students, now and forevermore.

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