Careers Support

Leading students to the most suitable job with our tailor made support

Strength of our careers support

  • Careers advisors and tutors share information on individual students to offer tailored support
  • Students can choose from more than 1500 potential employers, those that best match their career path
  • We have a wide variety of original training programmes that will enhance your job hunting experience

Individual Support

We offer comprehensive tailor made support, suited to each student’s skillset and their career goal.


One-on-one interview practice

Our specialist instructors will teach the business manners and etiquette which are essential for creating a good impression. We also provide repeated practice interviews so that students can develop confidence in their interaction with interviewers.


Individual support for creative work

Students’ creative work can be an important asset for showcasing their skillset to a potential employer. We are committed to offer support for their creative work which is suited to the skill level and individuality of each student.


Individual careers guidance

Teachers who are well informed in in the games, IT and design industries are on hand to give advice on your career planning.


CV Advice

Students can get advice on how to improve their CVs or entry sheets, which are the first thing that potential employers will see. We offer comprehensive support for enhancing the sections on reasons for applying for the job and the personal statement, which should be tailored to each company they are applying for.

Annual Programmes

We have prepared our original training programmes to help students to enter a career. We continuously support students from the beginning through to the point they get a job offer.


Company visits

We arrange company visits so that students can experience the office environment and see professionals at work.


Manners and etiquette training

A specialist instructor is at hand to teach students the manners and business etiquette which are not only useful for job hunting, but also for when they enter the world of work.


Exchange with OB and OG

We strive to offer various opportunities for students to talk to our graduates who are now working as professionals in industry, helping students to see the latest trends of the industry.


Practice interview

Our staff will give comprehensive advice and practical knowledge of job interview situations, from entering the room to questions and answers through to leaving the room, in this simulation interview.


Career guidance

Career guidance is given regularly throughout the year, with content that is appropriate to the expertise, year group, and timing, thereby eliminating any anxiety and answering any questions students may have.


Practice for written exam and SPI test

From a year before graduation, subjects such as Japanese, maths and general knowledge are covered, in order for students to better handle the written exams and SPIs often given during the recruitment process.


Industry seminars

Frontrunners from the industry are often invited to hold talks to tell students about the current situation and the future of the industry, and what the industry is looking for from job hunters.


Photograph session for CVs

Professional photographers attend our college to take photos for CVs and entry sheets, which provide quality results.


Advice on self-analysis and personal statement

Students can get help with understanding their strengths and weaknesses as well as whatever special skills they have, and are advised on how they turn these things into self-promotion, perfecting how they can sell themselves to companies.


Job search and information corner

Here students can look through all available information using PCs, reports and documents to find the job adverts that best suit their requirements.


First impression lesson

The first impression is very important in the job selection process. We give lessons advising on hairstyle and clothing to improve one’s first impression.


Recruitment website

A selection of job adverts that meet the tough standard of our professional careers advisors are regularly posted on this website, and can be accessed via smart phone.


Make up and photograph session

Instructors and students from ECC College of Beauty and Style can help with make-up, to achieve the best look for photographing.


Beauty and nail treatment

Students can take advantage of beauty and nail polishing treatment at discounted rates at a salon run by our sister college, the ECC College of Beauty & Style.


Powder Room

The room is equipped with space for applying make-up and for getting changed. Students use this room to get changed into their job-hunting suits.

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